Are penile extender devices safe for use?

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manhood safteyPenile extenders are not only used to increase manhood size and improve sexual desire but also considered to be safe and effective. Studies show that these penile enhancement devices have their advantages and adverse side effects. Victims are advised to put on the tool, 6 hours a day for six months to achieve the desired size or improve penile functioning. Jes Extender causes penis enlargement through a stretching mechanism called traction. The scientific studies done by the international journal of impotence research (IJIR) proved the fact that the devices successfulness is directly proportional to the number of hours that the user keeps it on. Penile extenders have an impact on cell division or mitosis, triggering cell division. The cells being produced fills up, and as a result, the manhood enlarges.

Manhood safety

On the other hand, extender devices are associated with some risks; if the victim puts on the tool incorrectly without following the manufacturers’ instructions, there is a possibility of it pinching the manhood skin, hence causing pain and irritation. For some clients, it’s difficult to wear penile enhancement devices for long hours as they find them uncomfortable. Tunica is the elastic fibrous envelope of the corpora cavernosa penis which is directly involved in maintaining an erection. If the manhood responds to the use of a Jes Extender by overstretching, the tunica hardens a condition that inhibits its expansion or growth.

Putting the device on wrongly, e.g. fastening it or using poorly designed one’s cuts of the blood supply, especially when one gets an erection while still wearing the tool, leading to fatigue and pain experiences immediately after putting on the extender. In conclusion, penile extender devices are 100% safe, only and only if individuals use them correctly by following the manufacturers’ directions, and read other customers’ reviews before use.