The Murder

The known facts are short and few. Nancy Spungen died in the bathroom of room 100 of the Chelsea Hotel West 23rd Street New York. She died from a single stab wound an inch below her navel somewhere between the hours of 4 and 9 O'clock on Wednesday the 12th of October. The alleged murder weapons were found on the blood stained bed, they were clean of both finger prints and blood. There was no money in the hotel room a fact that would later hold some significance.

Later that day Simon John Beverley A.K.A. Sid Vicious was charged with Second degree murder. As to how Sid and Nancy spent their last few hours together is something of a mystery and the truth perhaps will never be known. Here is what we do know.

Sid and Nancy spent part of that tuesday night in the company of two other musicians, one Stiv Bators (since deceased lead singer of the Dead Boys ) and Neon Leon, an unemployed musician who was also a resident at the Chelsea Hotel. That evening all four had been out looking at knifes. Nancy had selected a five inch lock knife and gave it as a present to Sid.

Neon Leon in his statement to the police said that a little after midnight Sid return to his room with two gold records and his leather jacket for him to look after. At about 4.30am Neon received a call from Nancy asking for marijuana.

Another witness a dealer / user called Rockets Redglare made a statement to police saying that he had delivered a small quantity of synthetic morphine to room 100 around 1.30 that morning.

"To tell the truth, at the time it wouldn't have surprised me if he or anyone killed her, she was that obnoxious. When she started up with that incessant whining she was more than the human mind could bear." Chrissie Hynde
Rotten No Irish No Blacks No Dogs

He took several hundred dollars promising to supply more the following day. When he left some time between 4 and 5am that morning Nancy was still alive. When leaving the hotel Redglare says that he saw another dealer, Steve Cincotti arriving. Cincotti statement says he supplied Sid and Nancy with Tuinal and then left six hours later the front desk received a call from Sid asking for an ambulance.

According to police Sid Vicious admitted the murder later that morning. Later still he'd claim to have no recollection of it. In later interviews he claimed to have awoken during the night to see Nancy playing with the knifes. Gouching out he woke later still to find Nancy in the bathroom dying. This was when he called for an ambulance.